Novaneu is a clothing brand created in mid-2021, we make small productions and author design, we specialize in dance clothes focused on ballet. We design and produce in our own workshop, located in Cd. Obregón, Sonora, a small city in the northwest of Mexico.
We create basics for dance, versatile garments that are used before, during and after training.
The creator and director of this project is Lilia Urrea and the idea arose from mixing her passion for dance and fashion design.


Everything is born from the idea of ​​finding a transparent community that contributes to the common good and celebrates dance. Our 10 years of experience designing and producing stage costumes allowed us to experiment with different techniques and master the craft of tailoring. Our creative process usually starts from pattern-making because it allows us to streamline our processes and experiment with shapes and fits that are appropriate to the body, with the aim of offering functional and aesthetic garments.

Our love for design, art and symbology have been sculpting each of the details of this project that seeks to generate a creative space that contributes to the active and healthy development of our community.


Somos is a driving community whose purpose is to be part of an active and healthy society. Art, history, myth and symbology are the source of inspiration from which this conscious and friendly concept springs.
Quality: Original design made with resistant materials, limited productions, comfortable, versatile and durable garments.
Sustainability: Contribute to the development of the local economy, with transparency and respect for nature and for living beings (human and non-human).
Sympathy: It means community of feelings. For physics, sympathy is the relationship between two bodies or systems through which the action of one induces the same behavior in the other.