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We have created this space to share with you topics of general interest, related to sustainable design, responsible consumption and active participation as part of a conscious and healthy society, which deserves a world connected to its roots, which accepts its nature, which listens to it and learn from her; because we know that respecting the space we inhabit is respecting ourselves and our community.

In this first post we want to share what are the actions that we, as a company, are currently integrating into our action plan to meet our objectives as a socially and ecologically responsible brand.

For us, as creative entrepreneurs in a small city in the northwest of Mexico, it is quite a challenge, our dreams reach much, much, further than what our resources can cover at this time, but that does not mean that we cannot begin to implement small actions that position us one step up in the direction of the goal.

Transparency: Our first resource is honesty, because we know that consistency and truth provide well-being and calm. The road is long and today we cannot call ourselves a sustainable company, because there are still adjustments to be made to our supply, production and distribution chain, to make it more efficient and friendly to the environment. We are very aware of this and as we meet our objectives we will be very happy to share it with you.

Fair treatment: We design and make our garments in our own workshop, which has a friendly work environment, where we respect the time, resources, emotions, identity, preferences and ideologies of all our collaborators.

Recycling: All the paper, cardboard and plastic waste is sent to a recycling factory, so that they take care of its management and reincorporation into a new cycle. We manage our own textile waste, using it as padding for cushions or as part of the construction of other garments.

Zero waste: The pants and skirts of our first NOVA-2022 collection are zerowaste models, this means that at the time of their construction no textile waste was generated, making the most of our resources and helping us to optimize our processes.

Materials free of toxic substances: 80% of our materials have the OEKO TEX standard 100 certificate, which guarantees that no components harmful to health were used during their production.

With this first article on our blog, we want you to get to know us a little better and communicate our firm commitment to always improve for the good of our community and the planet.

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