¿Has escuchado hablar del Tencel?

Have you heard of Tencel?

It is a soft, fresh and versatile textile material, which has many properties and is also friendly to the environment.

We are talking about a fabric that belongs to the viscose family, that is, it was made with wood pulp. What makes it different from other viscose is its production process and its properties, since the cellulose is extracted from eucalyptus wood and obtained from sustainably managed forests, this means that it does not affect other species of flora or is involved in the movement of fauna for its production.

Being of botanical origin, it is potentially biodegradable, as long as the garments that are made are made of 100% of this material. The softness of this fabric endures through use, it has very good color retention which makes it resistant to washing and others, due to its composition, it is highly breathable, which helps you stay fresh at all times and this makes it ideal for sportswear.

Being a fiber with a low ecological impact, it produces fewer carbon emissions, reduces the consumption of chemical materials, in addition 99.8% of these are recovered for recycling and the water used in the manufacturing process is also recycled. This demonstrates that Tencel is committed to the ethical use of natural resources.

For our "NOVA 2022" collection we use this material in most of the garments, its softness will help you feel comfortable when doing any activity, it will keep you fresh at all times and its minimalist design with small details and good quality finishes will make that you look elegant and sophisticated even when you train, dance or do any physical activity.

At NOVANEU we are committed to sustainable design and that is why we produce our garments in our small workshop with the best materials and the people who make our garments make them with great pleasure and love for you.

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